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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  January 6, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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we have breaking stories for you right now at 4:30. first, clean-up crews are on the scene after a tractor/trailer rolls over. this is happening on the masspike. the truck carrying tons of plywood you see there. the load came off the trailer there at exit 10 and auburn. you can see all over the road it spread out. the ramp 290 and 395 will be closed for the next three to four hours. >> also breaking out in california, the los angeles county district attorney says he won't file criminal charges against bill cosby over sexual assault allegations. the d.a. was investigating two jane doe cases. one from 1965 and a case from 2008.
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charges. you'll remember just last week, cosby was charged with sexual courtroom. also today, a fence to a barn goes up in flames. sky 7 over the barn and the nearby home where you can see billowing from the ground there. we're learning a mystery woman rushed into the home to get earn out safely including an 11-month-old child. >> and this afternoon we're learning new details about the frantic rescue. susan tran is here with the 911 call. >> right, the fire was so intense that several people saw it and called 911. it was raging in a barn but it started to spread into that two-family home, and inside several people, including a mom and her 11-month-old baby, says the only people they're alive today is because a stranger came running in. >> the thing at that point it was so even gived you couldn't even recognize that there was a barn there. >> reporter: an intense fire raged inside a barn and nobody in the home knew they were in danger. >> all of a sudden i heard
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us to get out of the house, get out of the house. >> reporter: chantal's mom and 11-month-old daughter ava were asleep and a stranger just banked into their cherry street home. >> shocked. i grabbed my daughter out of the crib and ran into my mom's room and said, mom, get out of the house. the house is on fire. we ran out and just saw the whole grain new flames. >> reporter: while 911 calls were flooding in. >> 911, what is the emergency? there's a fire. i can see it from senior housing and just coming home and saw some smoke. >> reporter: and this homevideo after he saw the fireball across the street. >> it was really scary, to be honest. >> reporter: the chief says the fire marshal is investigating it as a suspicious fire. for hours, the barn smoldered as the family of six on the second floor and the family of five on the first floor reunited. >> i'm happy to know that they're all okay and they're still here with me, is all i could really ask for. >> reporter: and chantal just grateful for the mysterious
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>> thank god she stopped because we would have never known. >> firefighter on the scene of an apartment fire in boston's south end this morning. crews were able to put out the fire which started around 3:00 a.m., at least six people had to be evacuated from that building. no word on the cause of the fire sourced a 65-year-old from manchester says a man followed her home and when he tried to grab her, she shot him in the chest. she has a permit to carry a weapon, she says she shot him once and he ran inside to call 911. she did want to show her face on camera. >> i only defended myself, and i had every right to do that, every right. and i waited till the last possible minute before i actually pulled the weapon. until he 20 to grab for me, that's when i pulled my weapon.
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to the hospital and expected to be okay. the woman said that that was the very first time she had to use
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the restaurant in new jersey makes a pit stop before leaving. the boy in the yellowjacket apparently told by the adult woman with him to grab a smartphone off the floor. he looks back as he runs out the door, phone in hand. >> what it appears is that the woman, that was with this young boy, either instructed or told the boy to pick up the phone. >> reporter: a different young boy had accidentally dropped his dad's home while his family was waiting to be seated. they didn't realize it was missing until a few minutes after it was taken. the manager of the restaurant says that he helped police identify them. >> i tried ask my can customers and check my computer to find
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>> reporter: police say the adult should have known better. >> it's safe to assume that the juvenile doesn't even know it's a crime to take that phone off door. but an adult should know. >> so police are looking for that boy and the two adults who were with him. also on 7, more than 40 devastating stable fire. seen for miles away. despite firefighters' efforts, none of the horses survived. owners say they can't understand what could have caused the fire. >> our insurance company had electrical people out to do an assessment. >> this is a state of the art facility that was put together to house the best in canada, if not the best in the world. >> officials say stables aren't required to have sprinklers and this one did not have any. they're investigating the cause. the former denver city council candidate is in legal hot water for playing the name
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she's accused of using forged 6s on a petition to get on the ballot, and among those listed on the petition, people already deceased and even a few sesame street characters. >> reporter: burt, ernie and their friend big bird all signing a petition. the denver d.a.'s office says hockey notified the election commission about the silly names, notifying they were collected at a bar and some folks were trying to mess with the petition. >> the allegations really relate to a number of the other names, people's names that she forged, that someone forged, including at least three people who were dead. >> reporter: that's the big problem, the affidavit shows the names of some deceased people as well as some who say they never signed the petition. then there's the signature of a former election judge's mother, who has alzheimer's. the d.a. believes that signature was forged, too.
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contact the canned but haven't got a response. >> basically, that arrest warrant is just sitting out there. >> hockey did not get enough signatures to qualify for the battle and last year she registered as a write-in candidate and then lost. firefighters arizona get an unusual 911 call, called in to rescue a cat stuck between two buildings. the space was only about 3-inches wide. crews used a chiseler and sledge hammer to make a hole big enough for the cat to get out. >> he has to be lucky the cat. i think that cat used all of his nine lives up today in one shot. >> the cat got a full checkup and back up for adoption very soon. look at how tight that was. they really did a good job to get that cat out and it survived. >> you know, we had animals growing up, and it says the size of their whiskers is what they're able to fit through. i don't know if that's folklore
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ahead on 7news, we're getting a peek at the hottest gadgets for the new year. plus, three nbc shows getting some special treatment as the giant story line continues tonight on chicago pd. we'll have a behind-the-scenes look. and the pat-down problems for the tsa when a 10-year-old girl gets an intense frisking. did they go too far? her dad is demanding answers. plus, north korea making an explosive announcement regarding their weapons program. the bold estimate that had the world on edge and the u.s. saying not so fast, that's ahead here on 7news. this epidemic of gun violence knows no boundaries. hillary clinton has what it takes to stand up to the republicans and the gun lobby. we need to close the loopholes
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all the gizmos on display at this year's consumers las vegas. companies from all around the appliances. >> to drones to 4k tvs and imagine for your smartphone.
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>> reporter: the rush is on, disclose 200,000 industry insiders pouring over 2 million square feet of the future. >> this stuff is coming out in the next, two, three, four, five years. >> reporter: stuff like virtual reality, which for the first time seems to be a reality for consumers. this has been kind of the stuff of science and really kind of been in the experimental realm but i think this year is when we're gonna see a lot of sort of concrete products hit the market. >> reporter: a market that continues to grow, from wearable tech workout gear to connected kitchens and drones, and self-driving cars. and of course the latest and greatest tvs. ultra slim, ultra hd, and even hk. and now a new way perhaps to enjoy an adult beverage while you watch. >> what we've built here is the world's first cocktail menussing
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it can be, after all, so intoxicating, especially when you're at the center of the technological universe with every gadget and gizmo you can imagine and then some. >> and along with all the new products here, there's also a lot of new ideas especially when it comes to connectivity or making sure that all of your smart devices communicate and work to the. jay gray, nbc news, las vegas. well, a good forecast for tomorrow. more sunshine. >> and ahead at 5:00, the pats getting two weeks off. tom brady talking about his injury and how his team is preparing for the play-offs. plus, be under investigation, chipolte's norovirus outbreak is now the center of a federal probe. all that coming up on 7news.
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right to rise usa is responsible for the
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it's a little girl, she just wants a cute picture at the farm, right? no big deal, but check out this amazing photo bomb by that guy, the horse stealing the show with the big smile. the little girl has no idea what's going on behind her. now, the picture is going viral. >> the horse has a big smile, too. isn't that awesome? it's like the horse knows what he's doing. >> i think we should start a book with animal selfies. that's the next big thing here, it is. too. all right, that's cutest picture, jr, what do you think about that? yeah, i like that. perhaps we'll have something even better at 5:00. lows this morning, had a low of 21 in the city. norwood down to 8, plymouth 8 this morning. orange, 1.
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30s and 40s... temps running in the upper 30s. the air dry. a lot of sunshine through the day. saying goodbye to the sun but we'll hold on to the skies this evening. more sunshine tomorrow and clouds around on friday. ironically not from a storm. our next storm system is out here in the center part of the nation and as i look out there a couple of rainshowers, missouri, southern illinois, snowshowers, iowa. this weather system will continue to weaken as it approaches us. so a non-player, if you will, for saturday. but sunday a different story. there's gonna be a chunk of rain coming at us on sunday. temps tomorrow, 37 to 42. a bit of a coastal breeze especially boston north developing tomorrow afternoon. so boston, cape ann, new hampshire seacoast around 40 but farther inland, pretty much where we are now in the lower
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here we are now, kind of a cool raw day with temps on friday upper 30s. thanks to high pressure, usually the high pressure delivers the goods but it will again tomorrow. but as we work into friday, the northeasterly flow will scrape some moisture off the gulf of maine and produce a couple of clouds across southern new england on friday. then the weather system on saturday with just clouds. there may be a little bit of leftover chilly air early saturday morning so it produces a little bit of patchy freezing drizzle early saturday, until 8:00, 9:00. and i think for the rest of the drizzle. then as we work into sunday, there will be a more powerful weather system winding up through the ohio river valley and then it will head west of new england. if you're a fan of snow, storms going west of new england are not able to produce snow because this area of high pressure, that has all the cold air. as the storm system gets close to us, we'll be talking rain. the 7 on 7 forecast.
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temperatures this weekend near 40 on saturday. sunday periods of rain all day long. upper 40, close to 50 boston, southshore. low to mid-40s southern new hampshire and worchester hills. again. next snow of any kind, perhaps a couple of flurries in the middle of next week. right now we'll keep that at def com 5. see you at 5:00. thanks. getting a look right now at the masspike westbound ride. a slow one here as you can tell. these break lights are on from exit 17 past route 128. a slow go out there, the tight volume on well on the expressway. southbound towards tree port street, stays heavy into the braintree area as we take a look at the maps. 128 dealing with moderate delays here at route 95 and the canton area.
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128, looks like a problem here we've spotted with our helicopter. and 128 northbound about, a 40 minute ride now coming up from the masspike. 128 southbound of course on the brakes, as well, down by route 95 in canton. joe stapleton, 7news. ahead here on 7news, the epic crossover event continues. three big shows screening one giant story line.
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into one huge story line. the characters of chicago fire, chicago pd and chicago med working together for the first time on tv. >> pretty cool, right? 7's chris anderson got a chance to see all the of the makings of these three shows tonight. we show you what's going into the creation of an episode of chicago pd. >> we're here at district 21 on the set of chicago pd. this is where the good guys play and the bad guys usually stay. we'll take you behind the scene for this hit show. th one of tv's top dramas, the edgy streets on the gritty streets of chicago. 7 thus is taking you for a look at chicago pd behind the cameras and all of the training and
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inspiring the drama on the screen. he sounds like a cop, it's because he is. ryan lucci is a veteran chicago police officer on leave from the force to serve as the onset police expert for chicago pd. >> st. the reality the show that makes each episode so compelling. >> any of these stories chicago. >> everything that you see is at least based -- and not even that loosely -- on something that really happened. of real police officers have been working with the actors since before the series began. know. they move like the police, they act like the police, when they talk, they interview like the police. they're always ready. >> reporter: we had a chance to see that training in action. >> that double-murderer is standing right behind you.
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blue jeans and has a beautiful smile. >> northeast found him plus there was a problem. >> you guys put the bad guy in a red sox hat, what's going on with that? >> he donned his own wardrobe today. >> reporter: bit a bit of humor in the real world that's portrayed as accurately as possible on your tv screen. all is possible on 7 nbc. >> all right, we have your entertainment packed tonight... ed and then get the caught up on all the news of the day on 7news at 11:00. >> all right, and a chilly night will make it fun to curl up with a blanket and watch all of those
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>> 7news at 5:00 starts right now. >> breaking news. it's overturned in auburn leading to a big mash-up on the masspike. >> firefighters are trapped inside. the race to get them out alive. >> and an explosive plane. north korea says it's tested bombs. >> and sunny skies beginning today, i'll let you know how long it will stick around. >> reporter: and tom brady takes time to heal but keeping his focus on the play-offs. >> and chipolte is served. the mexican restaurant chain is now the center of federal investigation is. >> and a fire outraged, the problem that led to a lengthy pat-down of his 10-year-old daughter. >> a rollover mess on a masspike off-ramp causing some big back-up. a truck was carrying plywood and
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crews have been there working for several hours just trying to clear that ramp. >> and right now there are still some delays in that area. 7johnni thompson has more at the news desk. >> yeah, it happened near exit 10 and auburn. sky 7 hd over the spilled plywood all over the side of the highway and officials expect that ramp to be closed for at least another hour. luckily no one was hurt but as you said, there's a mess of clean-up going on in that area right now. again, the drivers going through the area should expect a lot of delays. we'll keep you posted. live in the newsroom right now, 7news. also breaking news, the l.a. coin d.a. declining to file criminal charges against bill cosby over sexual assault allegations. the d.a. says there was not evidence to support a criminal filing in two cases, one from 1965 and the other back in 2008. just last week cosby was charged with sexual assault in a
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7news turning to some tense
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